Blender Cloud - Prices don't add up?

I went over to subscribe to Blender Cloud but I can’t wrap my head around the final costs. The front page says it costs $12.80 USD but when you get to your cart, it shows $15.49 and then it shows $69.70 for 3 months.

So why does the final cost go to $15.49 and then why does it want $69.70 for 3 months when $15.49 x 3 = $46.47… but really it should be $38.40 because it’s supposed to be $12.80, not $15.49. But then the other page says you need to pay $57.60 for the first 3 months which is almost $20 a month. :spin:

Has anyone else run into this? It made me stop the whole transaction because it’s not what I was expecting to pay. This would be a lot better if they had one simple, low monthly payment and not all this weirdness. What is the formula that I’m missing here that’s creating the higher numbers?

Seems like they have a bug with their currency converter. Just pay with euros and everything will work out naturally.

As for why the first 3 months are more expensive then the others… its because the way they do it is that you have a signup fee with 3 months free membership. I am assuming this is to stop people from signing up for it one month, downloading everything, and unsubscribing.

Good call man. What’s strange is even with that, it says pay 37.19 Euro and then in the cart is shows 45 euro. So strange but 45 euro is $57 so I think that’s what it originally said.

Ha! I get all the way to the end where you go to pay and all the numbers are suddenly as first stated. Wow, how confusing! We should write them a note to let them know their system is wonky.

Well, I’m officially a Blender Cloud member now. :RocknRoll:

If I might cut in here I am wondering the same thing.

I signed up for the 3 month sub when it was in the pledge stage, and thinking it would be $12.80 a month after. I wanted to just do the 18 month prepay but it was only available if the project fully funded which did not happen. So when I go to renew it is quite a bit more than $12.80 as tommywright pointed out. So to this point I have not renewed because I feel as though a bait & switch has been pulled.

But if it is really $12.80 as stated, how am I, an American with no experience in international trade, supposed to pay in Euros?

One other thing I noticed is there is a VAT being added, which I don’t think was added in the original 3 months I bought, nor was it added in the book I bought from Blender Store about 9 months ago. I emailed BlenderCloud asking about it, but did not get a reply, probably because it was right in the middle of the troubleshooting stage of the changeover.

Sorry for jacking your thread tommywright, but I didn’t want to make my own thread because I thought it was just me doing something wrong.

Maybe the amount of 37.19 Euro is without VAT, which is then added to that in the cart…?

EDIT: Sorry, didn’t see the posting mentioning VAT already before… :wink:

About the difference between the 12.80 and the 15.49 I am not sure. Maybe a currency conversion thing or so.
But the other thing is that you pay a registration fee of 45€, which includes 3 months, but is slightly higher. After the 3 months you pay 10 Euros per month if you wanna stay subscribed.
And don’t forget you can download the entire content during the 3 months… :wink:

There is definitely something wonky with the Country/Currency settings…
Switching the currency sometimes randomly changes the country settings and vice versa, which is unfortunate, as some for some countries VAT is added, for others not.

In addition to that that the signup process does not seem to remember the country settings from step to step, which might explain the variation in price from product selection to cart.

BTW, I’m not a tax expert, but because of this hiccup the BF might end up charging VAT right now on transactions that should be VAT free because of the customers’ home country. Wouldn’t that be a major PITA in the next tax computation?

There’s a bug in the currency/country switch refreshing, we’re on it


When will it be possible to do manual payment via PayPal?

Also, the only thing I can select is the initial 45€ 3-month subscription. Why is there no discounted yearly subscription?

Thanks Ton! The numbers do work out in the end (the very last payment screen shows the correct dollar amounts). I should have brought this up earlier because I noticed the issue way back when you guys first setup this option.