Blender Cloud Stats Update?

The Blender Cloud Stats page has been dormant since the end of May. Given the Blender Developer Fund updates at the start of each month quite nicely, it allows for graphing of it’s relatively constant level of support since 2013. I’m interested in doing the same for the Cloud since it’s launch.

Does anyone know where I can get updated the stats for the Cloud (i.e. has Ton or others posted them on a blog or in a mailing list)?

AFAIK this is still dumb manual work and since Gooseberry is in a quite busy phase, I could imagine they just didn’t find the time to update it. You can also mail cloudsupport, instead of asking on BA, you will get a reply within a day :wink:

Ah. I got the feeling from the graphs they put up it was meant to be automatic. Seemed kind of odd (to me) putting up graphs with daily tallies for something that needed to be manually created/updated but given the data hasn’t changed for months, it seemed perhaps I was missing something.

Didn’t see it as being something necessary to bug the Cloud people with, especially if I was mistaken and the data had been presented elsewhere. Certainly didn’t think it rose to the level of a “support email” given the fact we weren’t promised stats and my interest in the numbers was not much (if anything) above mere curiosity.

Thanks for the info though :slight_smile: