Blender Cloud Updates (July Edition)

Had a long post/rant going and thought better of it. However, I will sum up the facts and ask my less aggressive question at the end.

  • The last update to the Blender Cloud website was back at the start of June (3rd & 4th) where we got a prettier front-end (delivering the same content we already had access to) and a promise the Creature Factory 2 would be there “soon”.
  • The Creature Factory 2 was again promised “in a few days” on the 19th on the Gooseberry page along with an improved backend for paying the Blender Foundation for the Blender Cloud.
  • A large number of people who paid upfront for three months are coming up on halfway through that three month window without new content.
  • The grand total touted as a crowd-funding record relies on people staying subscribed for eighteen months. Like it or not, for many, this means getting some value for sticking around paying $20+/mth.

With this in mind, when can we expect Creature Factory 2 and should we be expecting content updates once every two months?

[SUB]Note: I would ask this on the Blender Cloud rather than bringing it to BA, but there is no functionality for that yet on the Blender Cloud website.[/SUB]

Last news I heard about Creature Factory 2 was that it was on its way to BI.

Good to know. Thanks for that quoll :slight_smile:

So for future reference “a few days” means a fortnight to the rest of us :wink:

Yeah. Some of us don’t do twitter. We have lives to live and work to do. We expect news about a site that has a news feed to be on their (shock, gasp, awe) news feed. You’ll note I referenced the Gooseberry blog as well where they pointed out on the 19th that it was only “a few days” before Creature Factory 2 was released. It was more recent than the thread you mention

I know I’m going to regret this, but how am I lying about that? I said that the same blog update that mentioned “a few days” to go on CF2 also promised a new backend. I didn’t state it would be done in any given timeframe, that it would be done by hiring anyone other than Bart, or anything else I can see that you could objectively point to as a falsehood.

Name calling is against the BA rules. I don’t feel we need to involve the mods in a disagreement but I won’t hesitate to refer them to this thread should said name-calling continue.

None of which changes or invalidates anything I said. Did you know the sky is blue, the grass is green, and that Ton shares a name with a unit of mass? You know, just in case I’ve somehow transitioned to an alternate world where true but irrelevant facts somehow bolster a point.

Pray tell. Where in that header is the support link? I seem to be missing it in mine.

Should have put this at the beginning of your post. Would have made far more sense then.

Goodbye. Please feel free to leave your aggression at the door next time or, if you can’t, just don’t bother with the thread.

Just to leap to Twitter’s defence while excluding the other bits of the discussion - it’s possible to lurk quietly on Twitter without posting and follow a few select accounts (e.g. @artificial3d @venomgfx @s_koenig @tonroosendaal @blendercloud @e_matray @gooseberry_film @dingto) to get news about this sort of thing as it happens.

Keeping follows low means it’s literally only a couple of minutes a day to catch up on the latest bleeding-edge news from specific people.

That’s basically how I use Twitter. I personally think it’s terrible for communication so I rarely ever tweet or spend much time on it, but for keeping up on news it is often better than places like BA.

I organize follows into lists. I have one that is just Blender and Krita people which is like maybe 20 tweets in it per day, so it just takes a minute to run through it and see if anything interesting is going on. It is sort of like a glorified RSS feed.

Creature Factory 2 is now available in the cloud:

I was pretty excited to sign up till I basically got everything filled out, and in the fine print, next to a very large “$12.80 a month!” was

Cloud registration fee is $57.60. This includes a three month subscription.

Not that I think the price is unfair, but I think you guys should make it a little more apparent on the main page beforehand.

And a lil nitpick, but there’s a typo in the description for Creature Factory 2.

On the CF2 product.

To be honest; I really don’t think it’s professional for Andy to have the camera viewing a poster behind him with profanity on it. If the cloud is going to have that sort of thing then I have no obligation to become a customer (even if they had some top secret tips to allow the rendering of a fully detailed transformer robot battling Smaug in 5 minutes).

Well, I never thought there was an obligation to become a customer/subscriber to the Blender Cloud. It either provides a service you want or not. Base your decision on that.

With that said, I was a little surprised by the poster being in the video. Not the best given my kids also make use of the Blender Tutorials I’ve purchased/licensed/downloaded. The majority of the video is fine, but I definitely concede that bit at the beginning struck me as odd for the first Blender Cloud tutorial/video release. At the very least, a blur would have taken care of it.

[SUB]Note: I don’t personally mind obscenity, listen to one or two “explicit” podcasts, and the poster in question is at the tame end of the spectrum.[/SUB]

Well in terms of helping fund Blender development should I decide to pitch in through a subscription (which is something that would recommend consideration to anyone making money using Blender), it depends on whether or not the BF is asking that this become the preferred way for such funding instead of the current development fund (which I hope the BF will keep as an option).

If the development fund goes then the BF stands to lose a lot of funding from those who don’t need or want the cloud, I hope they won’t actually try that.

Whilst I’m loathe to give people an excuse for complaining about another thread derailment, I am not aware of any plans to kill the Blender Development Fund. In point of fact, it is ostensibly for those that want to support the development of Blender whereas the Blender Cloud is meant to be providing a service from which the profits go toward the Gooseberry open film.

Of course, there are the occasional exceptions to this rule (e.g. Steam donations) but I’m pretty certain that the development fund is here to stay :slight_smile:

Ace Dragon - which poster are you talking about? I cannot spot in in CF2 teaser video nor the website.

Complaining about a poster that says “Get shit done”?! Are you serious? Is this a f#(you will never guess which letter this is supposed to be) cking kindergarden or what?

I respect a poster that gets to the point. Maybe because I have an even swearier motivational poster on my wall with this Warren Ellis quote.

Big ups to Andy for the tutorial though, this looks epic. :slight_smile:

If it was me and I had succumbed to such petty, disruptive and trolling rectitude as Ace Dragon I would seek counselling by now.

I didn’t even notice the poster, lol. I think it’s awesome.

That’s great and all, but what about children learning from the Blender Cloud. Again, I wasn’t going to mention it, but it’s not trolling to point out the fact that the word in question is an obscenity. It’s a word that moves a G rated file to PG-13. If it’s enough for a ratings board to consider worth noting, it’s reasonable to point it out as odd & unnecessary in a Blender tutorial.

I like Warren Ellis. I am loving the tutorial. However, AD has been a big supporter of Gooseberry & Blender in general. Complaining that he is trolling does start to seem like folks ringing that fanboy bell a little too hard.

There’s a lot of adults who don’t like seeing swears either, so to expand what’s written here, it does have an effect on the idea of giving the Blender cloud a universal appeal (which if there isn’t would hurt subscriber counts and therefore the amount of income available to the BF).

If the BF makes a product, then it makes sense to have it appeal to as much of the community as possible (simply because it would lead to more subscriptions, more funds for movie projects, and more funds for development. Who doesn’t want that?)

I think the parts of the video where Blender is being shown is already spectacular and looking full of information on how to work like a pro. That part already has a universal appeal to it and should be followed through with the intermediate segments.

:slight_smile: yet you spend a looot of time on this forum basically repeating the same tiresome bickering again and again.