.: blender clouds :.

This is an image i rendered today:

http://artificial3d.tripod.com/images/place.jpg [beware of tripod]

No image textures were used for the background, i used the regular blender cloud texture and other techniques to generate “realistic” moving and flowing clouds.

You can see this image and other new ones at my site: http://www.artificial3d.cjb.net/

The EC- project is also there.


nice pic - nice mood. I’d call it “lost in space”.



Really cool,

I was sure that Blender built in textures could achieve such results. Me too has never used a texture plugin (yet :wink: )

The place is very quiet, but you cannot even have a walk around!


hmm,nice clouds,love the concept:)

rixtr :wink:

great idea and nice pic
I like it a lot


nice, serene… I like it.

I just hope that you are not prone to sleepwalking :smiley:

Quite trippy… I love the concept… the tent… the bare tree… clouds… Quite dreamy…

I can’t think of a single thing to improve the piece… it’s perfect… it’s almost as if you’re capturing a moment in time… a moment in the mind’s eye… a place of rest and relaxation… just plop down… you don’t have to walk very far… everything you need is here… wait - that’s it… you need a beer cooler somewhere…



mmmmmm, caaaamping. seriously, i think this is one of the more artistic images i’ve ever seen.

Very… interesting. I like it. A few roots hanging from the bottom would be cool. It’s a good thing that things like this don’t exists though. They’d be a rather large flying hazard. :wink:


Sorry, but I can’t see the pic.
It just comes up with a small “Hosted by Tripod” pic.