Blender Coaching

Hello, ive been on this forum for quite a while now, replied to TONS of threads, helping beginners when they get stuck, made several video responses to more complicated topics, and im still not getting tired of it! i love helping people.

so, i thought id start doing some live coaching, not in a class, but 1 to 1. only me, and you. i watch you carefully as you work, and give you live feedback, tips and tricks on how to do stuff more efficiently, faster and easier.

this is going to require a lot more of my time, so this will be a paid service in the future, but i wont charge much as i am aiming to get beginners started.

i got 5 years of experience, and last 1-2 years ive also been playing with Substance Painter, Zbrush, and Unreal engine, EVERYTHING you need to make a game!

besides coding, and music ofc…

i specialise in modelling, uv mapping, sculpting, and retopology, so everything that happens before the texturing stage.

However, before i make this a paid service, i first want to try it out and see how well it works, and get some feedback from you guys. so if you are interested in a session, reply here, or send me a DM so we can get in touch.

the way it will work is simple, will be screensharing and voice chatting via discord. i have a dual monitor setup so i can watch you, and show you both at the same time.

Hi, I’d be interested in talking to you about this. I’m coming from Lightwave and right now Blender makes my head hurt. i keep running into stupid problems that someone more familiar with the program could (hopefully) easily sort out. Let me know if this is something you’re still interested in doing, thanks.

Paul Goodrich