Blender Cobweb (spidernet) generator relased!

As the author of blender tabs interfaceand blenderCAM,
I present you this new addon.

UPDATE: Get it now much cheaper through BlenderKit, together with several more addons!

This procedural cobweb generator helps you quickly fill your scene with beautiful subtle cobwebs.

If you are doing any abandoned or fantasy interiors, this addon will save you a lot of time while improving the quality of your renders dramatically. Filling a scene with the customized cobwebs can take only minutes.

The addon:

  • is very simple to use

  • creates a cobweb that can accommodate to your meshes

  • sets up a lightweight simulation so that the cobwebs can be animated

  • simulation can further be used to tear the cobwebs

  • creates a simple but usefull material that is easy to tweak and renders relatively fast

  • if you need to connect several meshes, duplicate them and join them. You can delete the joined mesh afterwards

The Title video is also a tutorial that shows all the features of the addon.

Install as a standard blender addon.

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Looks really nice ))

This looks amazing.

Thanks for replies guys. Please if the ones who buy the add-on creates some nice pictures post them here;)

I played a bit wth the benchmark classroom scene. I set the material only to half diffuse/transparent:

also, added painting of cobwebs, which is much faster for smaller webs and webs where you want to have a nice shape:

This looks really good. :slight_smile:

It’s one of those cases I wish I had some use of it just to buy it.

I’ll bookmark this.

LOL :slight_smile: you made me laugh in a good way.that’s what I thought when I developed it- how many use cases are there? Will it ever pay for the time spent?
But since then I looked around and found out in reality cobwebs can be found in many places- lots of interiors, forests, and other places. They are actually really hard to model when you don’t use aloha textures. with textures they would look strange in animation, since this method wouldn’t work well with camera moving around.
So I think it’s more a thing people will use for specific projects when they need it, and then it’s a big timesaver and improvement to the scene.

wow, this looks REALLY nice!

Bought it! Thanks. :smiley:

Looks like a great plugin.

Any possibility of more structured ‘orb’ type webs :wink:

I love the look of this. Coming up with excuses now to include cobwebs in my scenes :slight_smile:

Hi, structured webs are let’s say a different math. They are relatively easy to model too.(just extrude+scale a low poly circle… )So I didn’t yet invest the time into adding those. In comparison, the add-on cobwebs can easily have thousands of interconnected stands, which is impossible to model by hand…

nice, simple, fast. like the plugin :wink:

a nice graphical use!
Glad you find the interaction simple. It was my intent to save as much time as possible for the user.

Bought it! Very nice.

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I have tried this addon and the results are wonderful!

This is very easy to use and it has a very good options, as the posibility to add a cloth simulation to the spiderweb that results very realistic. The spiderweb material for Cycles is included in the addon. Also, the videotutorial helps to configurate the options for better results.

I recomend this plugin for all artists that want to make more realistic renders, and as me, make creepy environments for Halloween!

guitartom47, it’s good to see somebody unleash full potential of the plugin! Really amazing picture!

Madrid82 - thanks a lot for your feedback, appreciate it a lot from you. I saw more of your art now on BlenderNation and the way you are able to stylize your environments is just perfect!

This looks really good and I am considering buying it.

I have a question: will everything continue to work once I have moved to blender 2.8 ?