Blender Code site direction

is it just me or is the Blender Code site( dead in the water…I mean it seemed, even to me like a great idea, but unless the developers post more it seems to be a totally useless endeavor…GSoC would be a fantastic event to spice it up, but I have’nt seen anything about it there either…anyway just voicing my opinion and seeing what others think…
as a side note, I do not want the site to go away…nothing worse than limiting options and closing doors to people.

In the last meeting it mentioned Letterrip will update it with the GSoC. I think right now most of the blog focus is on the Mango blog. I’m sure after Mango, it’ll be utilized again.

In general it’s up to individual developers to write posts there, not so much an organized effort. I’ve been putting most of my development-related blog posts on my own website, but I plan on writing a wrap-up blog post on c.b.o when I finish my current round of projects.

Than it makes more sense ot use a feed aggregator which automatically / manually inserts posts by other blogs like yours.

Many people dont want to write their blog posts again on another blog.

I see it the same way.

There is actually an existing Blender blog aggregator (, but it’s not development focused.

As a quick test, I’ve set up a very simple planet aggregator here:

It’s only got three blogs listed right now, but will add some more shortly.

sounds great, but this should also do the blender foundation. where is the big community team for blender that we need (blender evangelists, social media channel moderation like twitter, fb … and feed / news aggregation …)

currently everything is too fragmented - thats sad =(

Fragmentation puts a negative spin on it; you could also call it a distributed community-driven model :wink:

At any rate, if you see a need for something in an open-source project, it’s pretty much up to you (“you” in the general sense) to make it happen yourself.

sure, we should still keep using (feed) aggregators to include existing contents. recreating content like “reinventing the wheel” may be not the right way so focusing on content providing and collecting good articles using aggregators is maybe a good way.

what i see often is the problem, that many webmasters and website admins (and also companies) redesign the whole project / website after a year or stop working on projects or just delete the whole project and website - adopting and opening ideas and projects for adoption could help to keep these good projects and ideas alive

average lifetime for most projects? around 1 ~ 2 years maybe? so sad seeing many good ideas dying =(

(saw today that a company deleted their whole website for which i programmed the website with a colleague - the new website is crap and full of third party advertisements and unprofessional - did we do this all for nothing in the end?)

but also the community around the open source project is very important (take a look at drupal and their board and also their many conventions, evangelists, managers …) … too much ot =(