Blender Cola... ah, refreshing

Hey guys, I’m new to Blender and I’m trying to model a glass soda bottle. I got most of it done but I’m having trouble with the cap. I can’t seem to get those nice divits that you see on them. I’ll post my .blend file and my reference picture so if anyone can help me do that it would be great.
Blender Cola.blend (364 KB)

From your picture the divits look good.

well you do it with subsurf
just and circcle then define how many segments you need then multiply 2 and susbsurf

then you can begin to change the shape for like extrude and shape the side

hope it helps

Hi Erunur,

find attached a model of the cap. I modelled it separately, but based on your file, so if you import it, it should fit your bottle perfectly.

Modelling went like this:
1.) Add a mesh circle with 21 vertices (my reference cap had 21 dents)
2.) Extrude a few times to get the basic shape of the cap
3.) Model the dent into one of the segments by adding loops where needed and shaping them.
4.) Delete everything else, keeping only the segment with the dent.
5.) Add an Empty (if the 3D Cursor hasn’t been moved it should sit perfectly in the middle of the cap (or soon to be cap))
6.) Apply an Array modifier with “Object Offset” enabled, pick the Empty as the reference Object. Turn on “Merge” and “First Last”.
7.) Rotate the Empty 17.1428 (360 / 21) degrees around the Z axis.

If all went well, you should now have a complete cap without gaps.
Apply a subsurf modifier and you should be set.

Hope this helps, if you need any more clarification, please ask. I’m sure it can be explained better. :slight_smile:


Blender Cola Cap.blend (295 KB)

you forgot to remove the doubles in center!

you could also model only one segment then apply spindup!
or even do it with array modifier

happy 2.6

I didn’t remove them. It usually gives a smoother subsurf result, at least that’s my experience.

Oh thanks guys so much. Ill have to work on it later today when im at my compiter cuz im on my phone here. How exactly do I import the cap into the original .blend? And is it possible to make both the cap and the bottle the same object but apply different textures to them? It would make it easy on me so I could import it easily into future projects without a hassle.

  1. File->append.
  2. Yes. You can assign multiple material slots in the material properties panel while in edit mode.

Ok Thank you guys for the help.

That was just the reference pic…

So now that I’m through modelling the bottle Its time to work on materials and texturing [insert sufficient horror music here]. I’m going to move to the right forum.

That’s one nice looking render. The materials seem spot on. And the droplets are very fancy. Nice job!

Cool! Looks great!

Just saying…

LOL, thx. I guess I should’ve read the whole thread more carefully :wink: