Blender Comercial

This is a preview of the animation of our new comercial done in Blender here in Brasil at
Final version coming soon.

The viewport solid shade:

The viewport solid shade+Textures:

Critiques are welcome!

Hey, great animation work, I really like the flourish as the 3rd character comes in at :04

I have a few (okay quite nitpicky) critiques though - here we go…

One thing I did notice the backflip right at the end (at about :22) is a bit “wobbly”, as in it doesn’t feel like one smooth motion - which it should be (unless this was a stylistic decision, in which case I think it would need to feel more “deliberate”, if you see what I mean!). Also at the point where he’s jumping up, the ball is completely stationary - I think it needs a very slight amount of movement, but that’s just me nitpicking :slight_smile:

The ball seems to get very stiff at some points in comparison to all the stylistic sqaush and stretching it does for the rest of the clip… I think it needs some more overlap in the deformations perhaps, so that it’s only in it’s “proper” spherical form for a few frames at the height of a motion arc. Again this is just being quite nitpicky, and it’s not really that noticeable when you’re watching the first time, but once you see it, I think it looks quite stiff as the style you’re going for as well seems to be quite “stretchy” :yes:

Anyway hope some of this helps, and your animation is really quite great as it is!