Blender command line render - progress in percentages?

Hello Blender Users & Developpers,3

I was wondering if there is a way to enable blender -b to output the progress of the render in percentages or to output the render progress bar to the console.

I wrote a java program that distributes commandline tasks to nodes on my local network. To monitor the progress of the task that’s being performed it currently relies on parsing the console output.

My program contains a module (plugin) system based on xml files enabling third parties to create there own modules. in that xml file you can specify a pattern to find the progress of the running task. The maya-mentalray plugin, for example, looks for a value in a line starting with ‘JOB’ than gets the value between ‘progress:’ and the ‘%’ symbol.

The only thing for blender I could come up with is to parse the amount of tiles to render, and compare that to how much tiles it already rendered.

Thanks in advance,