Blender community on free software chat platforms?

There are at least 5 public Blender-related Discord servers, many IRC channels, the Blender StackExchange chat room, Slack with Nimble Collective, now, how about free software alternatives to Slack and Discord, like Mattermost or or Rizzoma ? Is there any community there ?

I’d love to see more people use, a free decentralized and federated IM client using the Matrix protocol. Their goal is to get out of the Silos of current IM’s.

There is an unofficial Blender room here

the great thing is it can bridge with IRC and Slack among others. It’s pretty quiet now but the more the merrier!

I joined it, thanks for the info !

great! Hope we can get more interest … pass it on:)

Oh, by the way, in case you missed the news, there’s a new official chat room which is part of It’s at and uses