Blender Community Toolbar Video

I created a video called Blender 3D Community Toolbar, at:

The purpose of this video is to make you aware of a fantastic resource which I think is an essential tool for any Blender user, from newbie to seasoned professional. It’s called the Blender Community Toolbar, available at:

The Toolbar installs in seconds on your browser. There are versions for Internet Explorer, Firefox (the one I use because I like open source), and Safari (the Apple Macintosh browser). I also want to point out some of the links that I have found useful. I posted all the links on my blog at This is just one person’s favorites list, and certainly it’s not an exhaustive one.

I welcome all comments.

+1 ive had the blender toolbar for ages and find it very useful

+1 for the toolbar also. :slight_smile:
I too have used it for years.
It’s a really handy tool for resources, information & quick access to all the main sites.

great job on the videos.
your videos are very good.
keep 'em coming. :slight_smile:

Hey, nice job on the video, and thanks!

I have plans to do a lot more with it, including making it into a Firefox sidebar. That will give me a lot more space to organize things. The only issue is being able to support users that don’t use Firefox. Also, I want to integrate IRC chat, Facebook, Twitter, customizable feeds and buttons, search feature for the toolbar’s contents, etc.

Thanks again.