blender compiling errors

I build blender from svn daily but sometime wen updated the svn folder the compilation filed in 2 file how can i know what causing those file to fail any help please.

im using visual c++ 2008, on win7 64bit

this is the error

Your screenshot isn’t showing any compile errors in the build log.

the part it say " 2 failed "

wen i open the folder i don’t see the blender executable

Can you copy the build log in its entirety to or

OK i will paste the log file i’m getting this in CMake Blender Skipping: (bf_intern_ctr)

here is the link to the log :

and result from c++ :

pastebin log:

The error is coming from fmodifier_ui.c. Look on lines 2590-2598 on your That in turn cause the link to fail for blender.exe, on line 3344, which is where the second failure comes from.

It seems there’s a unicode char in source that may be messing the compiler up? Just a guess. Try updating the svn to see if they fixed it or not. If it’s still broken, I would suggest submitting a broken build bug report.

thank you very much I owe you one…