Blender compiling under MinGW

Has anyone built blender 2.35a or latest on MinGW under Win2000?
I am trying and failing, but may be i am just doing wrong somewhere?

Small step-by-step description of what to download (concrete versions) and compile from succeders can help as i think.

do you have make?

what errors are you getting?

have you tried the massive compililation howto list on

thanks for links.

Make: only that make that is going with minGW mingw32-make.exe
make from gnumake archive is not compiling because i have no cl.exe fom msvc…

Errors are at the stage of make: something with .mk files…

I’m lazy, so I just went with cygwin

install the proper packages, setup [only contains one line: export FREE_WINDOWS=true] and run make after getting the cvs for the lib and blender module

the howto is in the same spot

there are a couple of other threads on there about how to compile using mingw though, just do a search [ is the developer forum]