Blender Composite Test

Recently, I had the privilege of working with a talented CG artist. He and I collaborated on a composite test that is somewhat of a teaser for the film currently in pre-production for Phantom Moose Films.

Check it out here:

Also be sure to see his Web site at . He’s got some pretty neat stuff there.

That is sweet! Did you use just blender only for all this or were other programs involved too? I love post-pro so this is sweet to me :smiley: Hope you will be making more soon! fell free to PM me if you do! I would love to see them!

I know that most of it is Blender, and there might be some other open source software for the color correction. Really, you’d have to ask the CG guy. I only shot the video.

I believe he used only Blender for this clip. I like the shot and effects - to me, it’s interesting how normal-looking live footage can be transformed into convincing action clips by means of color corrections and special effects!

Pajamas in space!

I used Blender for almost everything. Blender’s compositor was very helpful in letting me adjust specific elements in the shot.

In the end, I used a free image editor ( to batch-process my render and add a little bit of color correction. Other than that, though, everything was done inside Blender.

  • Jordan “Leonardo” Harris

How’d you do the backrounds and everything?

Are you talking about the space background? It is simply an animated still image.

  • Leonardo

Ha ha… This is nice. The idea of turning a normal corridor into a sci-fi scenario is cool.

Aye. It was a blast to do. The best part was that there weren’t really any requirements for the test, so I went ahead and did anything I thought of.

  • Leonardo

A ball check valve, under normal flow the chemical valve solid PTFE ball is pushed away from it’s seat and fluid flows through the chemical valve, in a backwards flow condition the ball is pushed firmly back into it’s seat and prevents flow through the valve stopping process contamination etc.