Blender-Composition Audio mis-timed lengths

Hi guys,

I didn’t know where to put this question. Recently I’ve decided to try my hand at putting together some video files together (with some transitional effects im making in blender itself or extra wee animations im making using my models), but ive found that im getting a timing issue with the sound that i cant quite figure out.

basically, if i add a sound file or a movie with sound, the sound isnt the same length as the movie, or the sound seems to be different than it should be. for instance, id add a movie file of 32 seconds. the video would appear as 32seconds worth of frames in the timeline(say, about 2000 frames for a number), but the audio would appear shorter(say about 1600 frames long) and wouldnt work right?

anyone know whats causing this? i know the audio part of the sequencer is still not perfect, but id like to get it running right for this short video im making.


The problem is the framerate setting at the time you import the video. The framerate needs to be set correctly at that time.

You may need to import your video with the frame rate set at 29.97 fps, for certain kinds of video. In order to do this, set FPS 30 on the Format tab, and in the field to the right of that, enter “/1.001” (no quotes). This will add the drop frame and result in 29.97.

You might have to experiment a bit to get the right framerate. But this should get you on the right track to syncing the sound. Remember that the framerate must be set prior to bringing the video in.

thank you bugman, ill try that tonight. i once thought it was the framerate and changed the fps of the video, but it didnt seem to work, but i did something different.

i suppose currently my blender animation is 25fps whereas the vids im importing are all 30fps (the vids are ones i made myself). ill give that a shot tonight!!