Blender Composition noob

its the first time i use the composit tab and i cant render my stuff.

Why do i get this error message? how can i add an output node?

Hard to see what’s going on in the compositor, when you’re showing the shading tab :wink:
Best guess is you have Pass nodes in your compositor, but no output node attached to it/them.


i’m not sure what tab to open to fix that error message
here is my comp tab, i didnt touch it.

Try this:
In the compositor area, add a composite node - or - in the Properties Panel>Render panel go to Post Processing and turn off the Compositing checkbox.

I did a quick google, and it seems to be a recurring ‘feature’ :wink:

I added a composite node linked with a render layers to my scene and it worked. I didnt know i had to do all that. thankyu

To be honest, I feel that rendering in Blender is a bit of a mixed bag regarding UI and workflow…

For a new user it can become very confusing fast, with all the places where you can add file paths for rendering, and nodes in the compositor etc.
Especially when you come from a other 3D application, it is overly complicated imho.

but good luck on the rendering part! :slight_smile:

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Here it is x) and yea its confusing af sometimes lol.

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