Blender composting video on Vimeo
This is a video showing Blender’s compositing powers.

Aparently, it’s been watched 113 times, and I still don’t have any comments there, here, or anywhere. :frowning:

Looks like a good start. It seems fairly 2d even though you have it going behind the monitor. And it doesnt seem to follow the rules of physics.

Here are my suggestions.

  1. If you create a path in 3d space it will make the ship small as it goes away from the camera and make it appear to go behind the monitor. Current the ship appears to be in front of the monitor by a few feet then it goes behind the montior.
  2. The ship is going to need to change velocity as it changes direction. Needs to operate more like a helicopter or VTOL in a small enviroment. Little aerodynamics at slow speed.
  3. Adding shadows or AO from objects around will make it feel more in the enviroment

I actually have AO ( Raytace not AAO ), but I tried shadows, not working, but I’m definataley doing another one.
Here’s a still from one.
The shadow is very light but it’s still there.