Blender conf, live streem of Masonry meeting room?

One of the events in the Masonry meeting room, namely the ‘advanced shading, lighting and Compositing’(currently my worst area :D) looks interesting. but there doesn’t seem to be a webcam available… will anyone be filming the events in this room?


yes it would be definitely great to see what happening in the other room :yes:

Unfortunately there is no stream (or recording) from the masonry room.

Sad! A lot of good speeches from the other room too!


OK, so no stream or recording from the other room. But I’m really curious, can someone sum what these guys have said or done ?

Roundtable discussion about improving Blender for architect users

Andy’s advanced shading, lighting and Compositing

Martin Poirier’s Animation and rigging for character animation: roadmap discussion for new tools and more efficient reuse.

Yeah, I´m quite curious to what was said in there too…