Blender Conference 2006 Video's @ Google (incl. 2004 and 2005)

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Blender Conference 2006 Videos


Blender Conference Keynote by Ton Rosendaal (NL)

The Making of Elephants Dream by the Orange Team

OpenGL Performance Programming by Eskil Steenberg (SE)

Creating games using Blender and Crystalspace by Pablo Martin and Amir Taaki

Movie session with Milo by Riccardo Covino and Oscar Alvardo

A preview of “Introducing Character Animation with Blender” by Tony Mullen

The XVR +toolchain for VR by Davide Vercelli

Art Festival - Character Animation

Art Festival - Online Gallery

Art Festival - Animation, original

Art Festival - Extra’s 1

Art Festival - Extra’s 2

Art Festival - Extra’s 3 “Mental Flesh”

Lighting, Compositing and Shading Workshop With Andy Goralczyk (DE) and Matt Ebb (AU) Report - day 1


Rigging for squash and stretch with Bassam Kurdali (US/SY)

Scientific and Product Visualization by Konrad Haenel (DE)

3D Modeling Fly Brains: Biologists Use Blender as a Tool by Albert Cardona (US/CH)

“The Science of Ocean Colour” by Roland Doerffer (DE)

Creating Web3D content based on open standards X3D or VRML by Eckhard M. Jäger (DE)

BlenderPocket: How Blender Brings Computer Graphics into our Embedded Devices by Salvatore Russo (FR)

Interactive visualisation of ambient sensor networks with Blender by Theo de Ridder (NL)

Verse Developers Session from the Tower Room with Emil Brink (SE)

Software Demos - Features from gspot

Software Demos - Features from microstation

Software Demos - UI Features

Software Demos - Options

Software Demos - Nurb features

Suzanne Award Ceremony

Mechanical Modelling Workshop with Pim de Groot (NL) Report - day 2


Artist tutorial Python by Elephants Dream team members

Artist tutorial Character modeling by Elephants Dream team members

Placing Blender Models into Google Earth by Neal Hirsig (US)

Plumiferos Session With Ivan Hoffmann and Manuel Prez from Manos Digitales (AR)

BlenderNation with Bart Veldhuizen (NL)

Blender Professionals Portal Preview by Rui Campos (PT)

Creating the Impossible with Blender Nodes with Colin Litster (UK)

Closing session by Ton Roosendaal Report - day 3


Blender Conference 2005 Movies

Blender Conference 2004 Movies

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Thank you. :wink:

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Thanks a bunch man

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Thanks a lot !

As I have a 10 GB upload monthly limit compare to a 20 GB download limit your posting those popular (torrent wise) videos on Google will allow me to concentrate on seeding others like character animation for longer.


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Great! Thanks a lot.

I was hoping to see al the animations with the audience sound, reactions and so one, during the art festival. But still great nontheless.

(lubrio) #6

Excuse me for the off topic, but how did Ton in their presentation to have an animation of Suzanne rotating in the background? What program did he used for the presentation?

(pıkselı) #7

lubrio - Maybe its a slide show ‘game’ made in the blender engine?

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thank you cantr wait to watcxh them all

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It’s funny when Ton says google.

(joeri) #10

I think he hacked a version for himself where he can swap layers during animation playback (alt-a). This is not default behaivior in blender (you can rotate and zoom). You can see it’s not the game engine because of the centerpoints and the little frame counter bottom left.

(basse) #11

joeri: if you use the timeline playback you can still use blender…

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Awesome! This is great! I watched half of the OpenGL seminar before work this morning. Great stuff. I’m going to have to watch all of these…sometime.

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Added extras 1 and replaced some of the lores versions

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Perhaps this one a sticky for a while?

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Agreed and done for a little while.


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Updated the list :slight_smile:

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Thanks man! I heard there was a demonstration with Blender and Mental Ray. Do you happen to have that on video? thanks for all the great uploading.

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thanks for putting those up! :slight_smile:

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I dunno, I try to get all Blender Conference vids online but not everything was recorded to stream. I havent watched it all so I dunno if it was part of any of the presentations listed.

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Added some more. I think only 2 are missing still.