Blender Conference 2007 @ Google

= Blender Conference 2007
Downloaded from:
(Special thanks to Ben Hodges, for recording and digitizing the movies)


== DAY 1
Blender Conference 2007 Intro

Welcome and keynote with Ton Roosendaal

Plumiferos with Claudio Andaur

Perception concepts in interface design with Riccardo Gagliarducci

Peach development and advances in Blender with Brecht van Lommel

Animation festival (Cam Version) (Alternate Link named “Susanne Awards”)

== DAY 2
Blender foundation & institute - doing open content business with Ton Roosendaal

Masterclass: Creature factory with Andy Goralczyk

Artist workshop: enhancing your workflow with Python with Campbell Barton

Blender is my workhorse with Thorsten Schluter

What I like to see in Blender

Suzanne awards

== DAY 3
See 3D with Thomas Barlett

Blender in the daily production environment with Falk Buttner

Murnau the vampire & theatres des vampires with Oscar Alvarado

Hey dude, that’s excellent. Thanks for doing it again this year!

i think the animation festival link is broken… :frowning:

I’m getting this on all those google video links:

We're sorry, but this video may not be available. 
 Try refreshing the page to see this video. 
 To see more videos visit our [home page](

Refreshing doesn’t help. Anyway, I can always look at the original movs in the meantime.

Hmm I noticed some more movies unavailable atm. I just assume they will be back soon. Maybe Video.Google is working on their servers. The links are taken from the overview page where I uploaded them. I can’t imagine they were taken down or something by Google…

looks like the links work fine now, thanks a lot of uploading these

i’m also curious, is there no video of the peach annoucment about there project?