Blender Conference 2012 - Discussion Thread.

Hi all,

Thought I would get an early start on the Blender Conference Discussion and post some information for those who haven’t seen it yet.

Conference Schedule - conference details page -

Speaker info -
I haven’t found any information so far regarding a live feed, but I guess that info will come closer to the conference start - if a feed is planned. It usually is. If anyone has details on this, please share with the rest of us.

Many great looking presentations to come. I always look forward to the ‘Tube’ short film info, also in the hope that we will one day see ‘Tube’. :slight_smile:

Not long now until the conference!

Live Feed - - NOT RUNNING currently
Live Feed 2 - check the video / Hangout
Live Feed 3 - - requires quicktime

live feed needed! :smiley: I’m not going this year, bummer. We were supposed go the entire office to Amsterdam and I was hoping it would collide with bconf. I would sneak of to at least one day.

Going to stick this thread for the duration of the conference. Thanks Ben!

If you guys happen to attend the conference, lets try to upload photos and any video streams here to this thread.

Since I still can’t go (hoping I can next year - it would be my first BConf) I’ll be keeping an eye on this thread. Thanks Ben! :slight_smile:

I will, of course! :slight_smile:
I still have no idea how to travel back to Germany, however I got my ticket to Amsterdam :smiley:

Thanks piccobello, looking forward to the pics.

To clear things up, I’m not going to be there myself. Just thought I’d get the thread going.

As a reminder and a note to those who are newer to the community, there is a Blender IRC channel where discussion regularly takes place. It will probably get quite active with conference discussion as usual for those who are interested.

Network - freenode
Channel - blender

If you don’t have IRC (Internet Relay Chat) or simply haven’t used it before, I recommend the ChatZilla addon for Firefox. Of course, there are many ways to join IRC if you don’t use Firefox. Just search the web for ‘Free IRC Client’ and pick one.

Edit - see first post for live streams info.

it work for you??

It doesn’t work for me.

(Stream not found)

No live feed here either. Audio seems to work though.

Here is the opening (Jump to around 20:00 for the actual beginning)

I’m having better luck with the quicktime feed:

The youtube feed was quite stable too. - check for the new talks as they happen.

The live stream is working but only the quicktime link. I had to update my quicktime and it works now.

It finally works, the quicktime thing was not there until recently.

Hmm. No Brecht-talk this year? Aww. Too bad. His thoughts on Cycles after its first big real production test in Tears of Steel would have been most interesting.

+1 , looked forward for brecht speaking, but there are two cycles talks on sunday. sweet.
and lukas talks about the node work on sunday also.


For me the Debaile QT flickers white on the site, I saved the .mov to desktop, and open it to get live streaming w/o flickering


The video quality is really, really bad. Even the text on slides is barely readable.

This is very unfortunate. I only hope better videos will be available later…

First time in few years back I’m not able to watch this conference online - SAD :frowning: And yes - this quality ( is a joke - its 2012 not 1992

This is a higher resolution