blender conference 2013. will there be a live stream?

would be awesome!

I was just going to ask this exact same question :stuck_out_tongue:

i found something here:
but you have to register at second life.
any other options? link for vlc would be nice :slight_smile:

I haven’t found an official announcement, but in #blender irc channel I was told that will have live stream. Worth a try tomorrow. :slight_smile:

question is will it be broadcastet on youtube also? or was that just a test. But still looks awesome compared to previous years stream.

does the stream on youtube already work for someone? mine wont load :frowning:

oh, no youtube live stream in germany :frowning:

oh yes. and the quality is awesome:

in germany, we use proxytube with firefox:

then, you can see it.