Blender Conference 2014

As usual the conference is in the awesome De Balie venue in Amsterdam. Until August 20 people can submit a presentation, talk or course.

strange first post xD

Sounds good. Don’t forget to post a link when giving news, though. :slight_smile:

Re: Lord Odin.

LOL, coming from you it MUST be strange!!!:smiley:

Page for the Blender Conference 2014

Yeah… :confused:

Hi KyM, what is your intent for this thread? To help foster discussion and create a quality thread could you please edit your post to add a bit more detail?

Are you bringing attention to the conference? Are you looking for people that’re going?

By adding more detail and giving questions like these you can start a thread for quality discussion. Currently this does not contribute much of anything.

To everyone who’s confused, note the edit details: “Last edited by Richard Marklew; 10-Aug-14 at 15:30. Reason: removed web address crap”
it was spam.

aaaah yes, now I see… spammers! :no:

So now that we have a thread about it, who’s going?

And what’s worth seeing in Amsterdam aside from the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, etc?

I am going, 99%. You too? Will you bring a quoll? :wink:
Worth seeing:
Amsterdam. Seriously, the town itself is just fantastic.
You gotta make sure to rent a bike and just drive around. Also great with bicycle: Make a tour to Marken. Over the river and outside of town. Just 20 minutes and you’ll in a beautiful landscape near the sea.
Apart from that, Blender Institute of course (on Monday).

I’m definitely coming.

Since you mention it, I might bring a toy quoll but not a live one. Real flesh and blood quolls are in danger of going extinct so I think the police would have something to say about absconding to Amsterdam with one. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tips! :slight_smile:

I had planed to go but things have come up which I can’t move or postpone. Well, we always have next year, I’v family there anyways so free accommodation, hehe… :evilgrin:

Me being born there I’v gotten used to the “beautiful landscape”, to me it’s just bare and plat. That why I live in Scotland now, best and most beautiful landscapes you can wish for (although we have the rain…)

Meet you guys in person another time… :wink:

Have fun, I’ll be watch it on youtube live though…

Cheers fellas,


Blender Conference left an impressive experience on us.Blender Conference again has been a totally awesome and inspiring event! We will be updating videos, links to talks, links to the Suzanne awards, photo galleries, etc here the next few weeks.

Any ideas where would be the best place to ask for car-poolers?
I’m particularly looking for someone who could drop me off in the Bremen (Germany) area after the conference on Sunday…