Blender Conference 2017 started

The Blender conference 2017 started:

Here is Tons opening KeynoteHere are the presentations

and the Suzanne Awards

Is there a possibility to watch some of the talks live or do we have to wait until they edit the material?

can’t find other links


I wanted Ted to see the Mantaflow presentation, I hope they put the recording on YouTube soon…

Thanks burnin

Oh, they´re really quick at getting the videos up on YT this year, awesome :slight_smile:

Here´s the playlist:

Cool!!! This is great!!

And of course I went straight for the Rigging for Formlessness video, am half way through it, and so excited I have to run back here to post something!

I’ve been rigging a full biped rig with goal of it being 100% bone joint driven with zero shape key. Chris McFall is literally answering certain very specific questions I have! Wahaha so happy!:smiley:

This can’t get quoted often enough, given how certain people around here have been whining and b*tching for years like 4 years old children who don’t get their ice cream, over how the streams didn’t go smooth enough and it took too long for the recordings to get uploaded on YT etc. etc.

Good to see some recognize how quick and smooth it all went this year, and thx to everyone involved!

greetings, Kologe

I am in the same boat, I haven’t watched the video yet but it’s nice to know that there is some useful information that I can put to good use. Deformations is not a well covered topic in Blender, actually on the whole anything on the intermediate to advanced level that deals with animation and rigging is not well covered.

You’re so right about Blender’s (really cool) deformation features being under-presented… And I’m half way through Pablo Soriano’s Chicken robots and squishies video. He’s the bendy bone chicken neck guy. Again, I’m very excited! Even for a 2 month old Blender noob like myself, it’s way cool to watch seasoned Blender users’ rigging and animation process…

So many more videos to watch! AAAHH :stuck_out_tongue: