Blender Conference Festival and Suzanne Awards

So… that’s it… I just got home and the conference is over.

I’ll give a short recap…

Congratulations to the winners:

Character Animation: Sago (Sacha Goedegebure) - Man in Man
Online Gallery: enricoceric (Enrico cerica)
Animation, original story or idea: Sam Brubaker (Rocketman) - Infinitum

You can get the videos that we showed here:

Those are really big, thankfully L0GAN is adding a lot of the movies to google video. You can find those links here:

We were a bit late after dinner so we didn’t have time to show everything on friday night.

I had to edit down Klepoth’s in the official sequence for timesaving purposes. That is why the entire movie is added as 6_extras.

Extras_1 is a compilation of non nominated submitted videos.
Extras_2 is a compilation of non nominated submitted stills.
Extras_3 is the full version of Klepoth’s mental flesh.

I want to say thank you to the committee for their help.

Also I want to thank all the people that helped me in my attempt to make the presentation a bit special… the crew was:
Voice over: Isha Noteboom
Photography: Job Hulshoff
The monster: BgDM
Voice over technician: Sander Eliasberg
Background music: Gijs van den Boom
Checkers: nox-Hand
Image downloads: Appolonius
Invaluable support: LucidMonkey
Everything else: Dolf Veenvliet

See you all next year!!!

My Gallery

Here is my entry for the Online Art Gallery:
My real name is Eric Wessels :slight_smile:

Well, if they’re not looking at web design and presentation, I’d like to submit my Photobucket-Blenderalbum for the Online Art Gallery category:

My first animation: Man in Man 8 Mb, XviD -could get you a bigger better version if needed-

The ‘movie-poster’:
clickie for bigger version


Real world name: Sacha Goedegebure
well as sago said, if you’re not looking at the presentation, here’s mine :smiley:
my real name btw :stuck_out_tongue: Jean-Sébastien Guillemette

You are quite right, as said in the post above. The look/presentation of the gallery page itself will be ignored by the committee.

BTW: Also as Ecks just did, feel free to post your name along with the link. If you don’t post your real name, only your nickname here can be used in the credits.

well that´s my page, and i want to go to the blender conference oh yeah!

I need more info about it… jeje

And here`s my work:

… and the whole gallery if somebody would like to see my earlier, C4D-based renders:

I`m not sure if I can post my Bike here since though everything around is modeled in Blender, the character is imported from C4D and re-textured. Let the judges decide :confused:

Good luck, gentle men and ladies:)

Silgrin [if possible]
(Henryk Jesko) [if necessary;]

Here is my gallery:

I got two animated shorts available here:

One of them (the better one :wink: ) is called “Me(n)tal Flesh” the other one that I made last decembar is called “For You”.

(I got a 3d gallery to but since I’ve been to lazy to make a real gallery and only put it on my site as a pdf I’m not gonna post a link yet :wink: )

Peter Hertzberg

My gallery:


This link is for my animation, intended for the “Character Animation” category: (right click and “Save As” =D)



here´s my gallery… 3D stills, 3D for mobile games, 3D animations…

my Gallery:

Big download! This is the full movie, over 18 minutes long. Download is around 180MB.

Ok, here’s my gallery too:

My gallery:

So here is my selection gallery

An animated short I made early this year:

Mats Holmberg

Some work of mine: