Blender Conference info!?

Hello BA!

I’ve been looking forward to go to this year’s Blender Conference in Amsterdam, and already began some planning, but there haven’t been any updatesor info on registration at It says that the registration would be opened end of july but there hasn’t been any sign of that…

Does anyone knows how’s that going or where can I get that information?

well thanks for your help and info!



Take a look at for information about this year’s conference.

Blender foundation (aka Ton) is at Siggraph now. That might help to explain the delay. Don’t worry I am sure the registration will be open well before the conference is held.

Hello BA…

Thanks for your answer BeBraw…

I’m kind of in a problem here, I was getting all ready for the conference so I bought the plane tickets and made the reservations, but I couldn’t buy the pass for the conference…! I’m from Venezuela and it’s pretty hard for me to go there, well I just hope there’s still a chance or something.

please let me know if anyone knows about a way to buy the pass. I already wrote an e-mail to the blender store but no response yet, if I don’t get an answer within 24 hours I guess I’ll just cancel the reservations… :frowning:

well hope there’s a chance…




hi cecilff,
i hope you do get your entry to the conference, maybe some people cancel in the end, i will be there and hope to meet you, i will go to venezualy next february and would like to get in touch with venezuelian blender users. If u can not, just come to amsterdam and ask for entrance outside the venue :slight_smile:

Well i don’t know if that would be the best option… after the conference ( if I manage to go) I’ll go to London to another event there, so the idea is to make the detour to Amsterdam, but I don´t think that making the effort to go to Amsterdam and don’t be able to attend the conference is affordable to me… :frowning: I mean, I would go if I were completely sure about been able to attend the conference. Any way I’m almost about to cancel the reservations since I haven’t got answers from the blender e-shop, too sad… I’ll give a last try mailing Ton Roosendaal and see if there is a chance…

Any way oenvoyage, I’ll be must welcome to get in touch with you when you come to Venezuela, and although I don’t now almost nobody here that works on blender, I do have something going on, where are you planning to stay and such… you can get in touch with me by mail any time cecilff(at)gmail(dot)com


The case has been resolved. Peope for far away who booked the trip can get in of course. :slight_smile:
It’s unfortunate that we had to close subscriptions for conference, but the 15th century Waag building has a strict fire-safety policy.

Hmm…, this BConf is really architecture oriented :slight_smile:

See you in Amsterdam cecilff :slight_smile:

Thank you sooooo veeeryyy much!!! :wink:

and yes! we will see each other there!
I’m very exited for this!

had to make some readjustments of last time, but everything is set and ready :wink:

thanks to all of you for your support, see you there!


Ernesto :wink: