Blender Conference Kingsport, TN - Any videos?

I would have loved to go to the Blender conference in TN this past weekend, but I had to choose between a 7 hour drive, alone or a 2 hour drive to visit my newborn nephew. Family first. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone videoed any of the sessions from the conference and if they were willing/able/allowed to post them. I’d love to have some more study material available!

Did anyone go? How was it? Was it worth it?

Yea it was really sweet! Too bad you couldn’t come. One of the guys is making a dvd and also uploading all the videos on either google video or vimeo soon. I will post a link when they are up.

That makes me a happy uncle! Thanks for the info, Dudebot13!

Here is a movie of a test animation and a rigging we did


It went really well, I think. If we can get the same enthusiasm for next year I think we can double the attendees!

@cekuhnen: That’s definitely a cool vid!

Oh, and some of the material will go on line when all the pieces fall in place. My stuff is up (, and I will be adding Byron’s stuff as well when he wraps it up.

Hey Matt

well the video is missing some serious hair styling :wink:

For all you missed a terrific and funny presentation by Matt.
He made hair cutting in Blender very entertaining.

And he made a very sweet pdf doc as well for it.


You are too kind!

no no

listening to your English and accent was just the hit !!!

Yea I have to agree that your showing was really good Matt! You were really funny every other sentence and I really learned a ton of stuff about hair that I didn’t even touch before! I can’t wait to watch it again!

Any news for the videos ?

  • Gian

@gianmichele: I’ll email the organizer and see if he’s heard anything.

Where do these things get announced at? I could have made that! Maybe given someone a lift.

How about Nashville next year instead? That’s even better for me :wink:

The conference was excellent! mrunion’s demo on hair was amazing, and cekuhnen and I punched each other in the face.

Then, we looked at some really cool abstract sculptures, and ate some ice-cream. Fantastic!

who made those cool pow effects :wink:

damn we should have made more frames for longer text animations …


It was announced for a brief time on – maybe about a week’s notice. Other than that, Byron (a local guy that teachers Blender classes periodically) set it up. There is one planned for next year as well I believe.

Here is a page on the event (a “report” of sorts):

Byron’s contact info is linked at the bottom IIRC.

P.S. Byron and I are in the “talking” phase about TCBUG (Tri-Cities Blender User Group). No definite info yet, but it does seem like it will materialize. No formalities, no commitments, just meeting one day per month on odd months at a particular restaurant with WiFi and RIGHT OFF I-81 in Kingsport, TN.

I found out that the video is almost done and will be up in a few more days. Thanks for all who made this a great conference. Everyone put a lot of work into it. I can hardly wait for next year! Who knows what new features Blender will have by then.
Again I would like to thank Trey Bowen, Matt Runion, Claas Kuhnen, and Sam Brubaker for their wonderful presentations. Thanks to George Bowen for video recording all the presentations, and thanks to Ton Roosendaal and the Blender Foundation for all the fantastic door prizes.

Can’t wait to see those videos. I know it’s August but…



I just emailed the vid guy again this evening. Hopefully I’ll have some status soon. I hope everything’s OK with him and nothing bad has happened!

I know I’ve been really pressing for the videos, but the panelists and their presentation looked amazing. News ?


Supposedly the vids should go up this weekend. Here’s hoping that happens!