Blender Conference playbacks?

Does anyone know where I can watch or download full playbacks of each day of the blender conference? I saw some videos on Blender Foundation’s youtube page but they weren’t condensed into a playlist and some of the videos were missing audio.

All the videos from the last few days are from the conference. Just add them to your own playlist. They are generally in date/time order unless when there were two happening at the same time. Not sure what else you want. They are the videos, take them or leave them.

Sorry if I sounded too complacent about them not being condensed and all but the biggest problem was that some are missing audio.

maybe it’s just at a very low level? Ton’s opening keynote has in fact audio, but i need to crank up all faders and can still barely hear a word. It’s there however. Probably the best to download and play in VLC, as you can normalize audio there and amplify up to 200%.

unfortunately there are two videos I cant find on According to the program, there should be “Wolfgang Rechberger - - Present your work and build your online portfolio” and also “Ton Roosendaal - Ask a developer” on Saturday, but i cant find both of them.

Also according to the program, there were 53 talks/workshops/roundtables, yet there are only 44 videos on youtube involving the conference, so it seems there are even more missing.

I wanted to kindly ask if those missing videos are accessible somewhere and am of course thankful for all the others I could watch.

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we are working on the recordings right now. Follow for the latest updates.

Thats great to hear. Many thanks for your answer and your efforts.