Blender confirm on release

I dont know if its always been this way, but i for some reason have been really bothered by it lately.

When i click the manipulator, and move an object, it does not confirm the translation until i click again.
This, rather than click and drag to move, and release to confirm.

Maybe this is how b2.8 works, and i just noticed now going back to b2.79?

Yeah It’s on by default in 2.80. I’m not a fan of it myself. You can turn it off somewhere in the preferences.

Wait, no, the other way around. I want to confirm on release, where do i find it? I’ve been looking around but i cannot find it

I guess I mean confirm on click is “on” by default. That is to say, release confirms is “off”. Either way, you can turn it on or off (or off or on) in the settings. :smile:

Editing panel, I believe. > Release confirms

i swear i glanced over that button several times… Great way to feel silly, anyways cheers.

No worries. I’m still debating with myself over the whole on or off thing, so we’re even there.

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