Blender Confrence

So I looked at the website and the blender conference is over( I believe) I want to know for the people who went how was it? Did you have fun there?

I went on saterday, and for me the best thing was to meet everyone in person (even though there weren’t as much artists as programmers (I think) but that was okay).

There was only 1 workshop I attended from beginning to end, and that was Bassam’s ‘Rigging for squash and stretch, flexible deformations and toony animation’. Very cool, but also very complex. Good thing it’s online.

Lee was cool too, he explained some things to me about rigging, (custom) bones and drivers. That was really helpfull, learned alot from that.

The dinner was at an Indian restaurant, with around 100 people. Good spicy food (though some might disagree with the ‘good’… ask Roger, haha).

Around 11:30 PM me and Roger left the restaurant to catch our last train.

Can’t wait till next year.


Got back in from the conference last night… it was incredible fun. I recommend it to everyone. The presentations were diverse and interesting and it was really great to be able to just meet other blenderfolks and talk with them. It’s fantastic to be able to finally put faces with so many names that are associated with Blender. The overall relaxed atmosphere is probably my favorite thing about it. I need to start saving my money so I can be sure to make it again next year.

To everyone I met at the conference, I had a great time meeting you and talking with you, so Thank you. To everyone I didn’t meet (or who didn’t go), I’ll see you there next year. :wink:

Oh, there’s one thing I forgot to mention.

During lunchtime (I had 2 sandwiches) I spoke to a lot of people. People like Thoro, @ndy, Bassam, BackiZ, Patdog and Fweeb. After lunch I found some time to go to a museum, and the first thing I did there was go to the public toilet. When I looked in the mirror, I saw a tomato seed hanging out of my nose… you couldn’t miss it.
Now the questions remain, how long was it there, and how many people saw it (who didn’t say a damn thing).

So a biiig thanks to those people… hope you had a good laugh… I won’t forget… buncha a-holes…tomato seed… geez

… and there’s also one nice anekdote about how my Suzanne award got broken, but I’ll save that for later.

Don’t worry, she’s glued perfectly now and it even seems to be a tradition. I’ll never forget @ndy’s tip: never clean Suzanne with a vacuum cleaner.

… as if I would ever use a vacuum hose on my monkey.

Sorry was being culturally sensitive - have no idea what the custom is down south. Wouldn’t have surprised me if you had two big patats in your nose. Next time I’ll shake you out :wink:

Yeah… I saw it and kept my mouth shut. I figured I was being polite in a foreign country… and, I wasn’t going to pick your nose for you. :slight_smile:

My apologies.

i saw it first! do i get a prize?
oh well… saw it only from a distance. like… 15 metres away… sparkling in the sunlight… could be possible half of amsterdam has seen it…

Yeah, I watched the stream/google videos so I was finally able to put a face on some of you guys. I hope I will be able to attend next year as it really sounds like a great experience.


Well, it still beats wearing a pink tutu.

Whatever man, keep 'em to yourself… you little yankee.

Just bring a vacuum cleaner and your Suzanne’s next year and I’ll show you.

It was great fun. So much discussions going on and lots of future plans made.

You want the uncensored version? :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, saw it, too :smiley: - let’s see if anybody got it on photo… I had my own problems with some green pepper I ‘found’ in my salad :eek:.

Hey, I’d like to tell you that I really enjoyed the conference - and I’m really looking forward to see you all again next year.


Ah, the green peppers. Yeah, I guess they were pretty hot. I remember Patdog almost choking in one. Haha, good stuff.

I didn’t get a chance to go sadly but what do exactly do their I mean do they give free food and stuff? Do they show you tutorials? Do they play games?

Hahaha a tomato seed hanging out of your nose, hehe too bad I didn’t saw it.:rolleyes: It was really cool to meet you on the conference Sago as well Roger who learned me a load of things about the material nodes and little tricks about his cool panorama render.

Well… I wouldn’t go for the food, and they only games I played were the ones I’m working on :wink: But the tutorials (especially @ndy’s one on texturing) where very useful.

Company2: LOL… not exactly… Basicly it’s people talking about their experiences and discussing ideas and development. About half of what’s going on is interesting for coders, the other half is for artists. It’s a great way to get to know your fellow blender users a bit better.

And I missed it darn we’ll till next year. I have only one question do more guys do blender of more girls (the second big question of Company2).

I have only one question do more guys do blender of more girls

You mean are there more male blenderheads than female?

What do you think?

Actually compared to most (all?) computer related conferences I’ve been too, there was a surprisingly high number of females there. Even one of the core devs was a female.