Blender console and text editor don't understand quotation marks on WinXP

I’ve been doing some python programming in blender the past few days, and I have an annoying problem: neither the text editor, nor the console, pick up my quotation marks.

My computer is set up to use the quotation marks also for accents (áéë), and I guess that has to do with it.

When I type a quotation mark in blender, nothing happens, (just like in a normal text field), because it is waiting for what my next character is.
But when I follow the quotation mark with a space, it types a space instead of a quotation mark.
As a consequence, I have to copy-paste a quotation mark from somewhere else if I need one :frowning:

I’m using blender 2.63, on winXP

I have the same issue on Ubuntu Linux btw. Anyone using the blender console? how do I fix this?

Sorry to bump this, but is there nobody else who has problems with this? or should this question be moved to the coding subforum?

I’m guessing you already nailed it there.