blender constraint problem

Hi people!
I’ve been having constraint problems in blender 2.48a.
When I try to to this (picture) by clicking on target --> OB and pressing ENTER it doen’t give me an option of what bone I would like to use as a target.This method worked in blender 2.46 so I’m confused why it doesn’t work now. :spin:
If anyone knows how to set a target bone in an IK constraint please post.



in pose mode - select the IK target then shift select the bone to add the constraint

press shift+I

this will add the constraint automatically

Thank you sooooooo much!!!

It works perfectly!

Oops! sorry… it didn’t for the right leg…
do you know what happened?

this happened…
do you know why?


ahh. Thats better!

all fixed!
Thanks for the help Waylow!