Blender constraints in Unity

I understand that constraints and modifiers probably aren’t as universal to 3d models and animation as transform parents are, so I expected that if I imported an animation into Unity that used constraints, it would behave as if those constraints didn’t exist. I was surprised to find though that the objects did move according to their constraints, which even changed throughout the animation. I’m pretty sure Unity didn’t actually acknowledge the constraints, and more likely Blender just exported every frame of the animation with constraints applied. But previously I thought that it would only export keyframes, and Unity would just fill in the in between frames like any animation software does. Exporting every single frame probably has some drawbacks, like objects not always following correctly. Towards the end of my animation, which included a revolver model with bullets constrained to the cylinder, the bullets did seem to wiggle a little in Unity. Anyway, I’m just wondering about how exactly exporting a Blender animation into Unity works. It appears that for the bullets at least, which were the only objects with those kinds of constraints, Blender had to export each frame individually. But does this mean it also exported every frame for the other transforms, or only the keyframes?

if you keyframe every frame of every bone, then yes, it should be like the constraints are working.

its like a render. each frame captures the current position of everything, so the video doesnt need all the animation and model data the blend has. while also having the drawback of not being able to create any new frames.

The thing is though, I didn’t keyframe every frame. The constrained objects have very few keyframes, so I think Blender imported each frame automatically. I’m wondering if it did the same for bones or objects that didn’t have constraints, in which case it might not have been necessary.