Blender contra Macbook Pro

Hey you guys, nice to be part of blenderartists!

Please excuse my english, as you know germany is one of the lower ranked candidates of the PISA-test :wink:

Okay here is my problem:

I’am using blender not yet long, I 'am still learning the complex interface.
but it seems that the macbook pro i’m using is to weak to work with blender.

I modelled a simple extruded plate with some extruded segments and stuff with just about 106 faces. its really a very simple object and looks pretty crappy. i just wanted to try the Lattice-Modifier.

But when i parented the lattice with the object, and try to transfer (grab) some vertices, its very bucking (right word?) and lazy. Not to work with in a productive way.

Its just not right. and when its all ready so lame by working with a simple object, how it is with an advanced one?

My Hardware:

Macbook Pro
Mac OS X Tiger
2,33 GHz Core2Duo
ATI X1600 256MB RAM

I all ready heard about problems with Macbooks and/ore Leopard but my problem is neither of them.

is it relay possible that one of the most famous Notebooks (its even a pro-product) is not working with blender?

and how come that even the blender-institute guys are using Macbooks (as you can see on

Are there any optimizations/patches/tricks/updates or any resolutions??

There must be an option or what?

i really would appreciative a useful help!!

greetings from germany.

Your specs are not your problem. I am running blender fairly well on a dell inspiron 6000, with a single core 1.5 ghz processor, with 512 mb ram and an integrated intel processor.

No English … no problem … Blender is multi-racial brand.

Secondly, good software/application produce by non speaking countries such as BLENDER, RUBY, PYTHON (to name a few) are all meant for international brand.

Third, show us your “bucking” image print-scrn or something. Someone here can help you if you are using 2.46 I suggest you use 2.45.

I have a MacBook Pro as well… however I have Leopard operating system. And, blender works wonderfully for me! Maybe you should update your computer…it only cost like $100.

No, it’s not the OS or the hardware. I’m running 2.46 just fine on my Powerbook G4 1.5ghz with Tiger. Make sure the Blender window isn’t being overlapped by any openGL things, like the Dock, a floating clock, or anything else like that. I had problems with my iMac G5 and Panther. It might have been fixed, but I haven’t really tried (on a winxp machine right now). Any info in the console? (Applications > Utilities [folder] > Console[.app]). Also see what Activity Monitor is doing (same utilities folder).