Blender controlled by Delphi?


   Does anyone know is it possible to control Blender by Delphi???

Hi Mate

I don’t think it is possible to control Blender by Delphi as Blender is a open source graphics software used for animation movies,i suggest you to use 3D real viewer with Blender.

Hi Mack
Thanks for replying, I made a mistake, I wanna control the objects in Blender file. For example, use delphi to make a box move in a Blender file. Is it possible??

Yes, of course is possible.

The blender file format is open as well, so you can use ANY programming language to read and modify them.

How difficult it will be is a different question. The file format may be very complicated and, even if it’s simple, you have not only to KNOW it, but to UNDERSTAND it, so you can translate what you want to achieve (a cube rotation, for example) to a modification in the file (change values in bites such and such…).

Good luck then.

Can you explain a little bit more what is your goal of “moving a box in a file”? The Blender file format by itself is a complex structure, and it usually does not pay the work trying to decode and encode it. Usually it is simpler to use for example OBJ file format. Then the other thing is to trying to talk to Blender. It happens via Python, and of course, you can write a Delphi programm that talks Python. But again, the question arises: Does it pay to work? Usually it doesn’t.