Blender controls in 3D coat file?

Does anyone here happen to have a file that contains Blender navigation controls for 3D coat?

I’ve managed to accommodate controls in 3D Coat to that of Blender. It’s pretty simple, actually.

Perhaps consider answering your own question by explaining the steps - in order to help out others who do a quick search via Google on this topic?

Sorry, almost forgot about that.

Here’s where you have to click in order to get to the customization menu while in 3D view:

Here’s the custom setup that you have to input in order to have controls close to Blender as possible at least to my knowledge. You can
probably expand on this a bit more but for know I think it’s all good.

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i tried this and it didnt work
does anyone have a better solution?
zooming in and out in 3dcoat is an absolute nightmare

Sorry, it’s been years since I’ve done this, and I gave up on 3D coat not long after I posted this topic.

hey did you figure out a good setup that makes 3dc the same to blender?