Blender conversion

Currently I need to convert .blend files into other formats but some come out wrong and buggy when I re import them into blender. Usually the geometry is fine but the material and textures are messed up. The file has 2 objects and 2 materials with 2 textures (both clouds with 1 along the y axis only). I also need to know if these textures will be exported to the other format, basically if the format supports the material and textures.

The formats I need to are:

Please I really need help as soon as possible.

Do you try .obj??

  1. Why would you want to export from Blender, only to turn around and re-import?

  2. By “Cloud” textures, are you referring to the procedurally generated “cloud” texture type in Blender? If so, no this will not export. No procedural texture will. Not from Blender, not from any 3D app. You must bake procedural textures into an image map, format of choice (TGA, PNG, BMP, etc).

  3. the 3DS format will lose material and texture info unless the names are 8 characters or less (both the material name, and any referenced image maps). This is a limitation of the 3DS format itself… a hold-over from the old DOS days when it originated. Also be aware that 3DS has a 65,536 vert/face count limit as well. 3DS is a badly deprecated file format that is surpassed in every way by the Wavefront OBJ format if you’re dealing with mesh & materials only. Only object based animations are supported by both 3DS & OBJ. For mesh deformation animations (bone/skeleton-based, RVK’s, shape keys), etc, you will have to use either FBX or DAE (collada)… if the Blender i/o scripts are up to the task… I don’t know if they are. max point cloud animation format (.pcc) or point oven .mdd (Lightwave) are also options IIRC.

  4. forget ever being able to import/export the .max format to/from Blender. It is a closed proprietary format that is actually a “app state” format… it includes not only the scene entities, but the actual construction history (modifier stack. plug-ins used, etc). 3dsmax 2009 can’t even open max 2010 files… much less any other app! :wink:

You’ll have to wait for someone with experience with Lightwave and Cinema4D for info/help on the LWO & C4D formats.