Blender Cookie Architectural Rendering Contest

Final Render:

I’ll upload the render with more samples and resolution in finished works :slight_smile:

I feel like there should be a tv of sorts in this area… the camera lens is also making the shot look pretty flat, try making it shorter.

there is a lot of deadspace on the floor in the foreground, i feel like this area needs something.

overall could do with some grading to help it punch out

hi doublebishop! i forgot to mention that there is a lot of things to put so the majority of the scene is empty hehe. What do you mean about grading? Thanks!

a lot of things to put so the majority of the scene is empty
you said it was the last render! if not it is empty indeed.

like the ivy downs, great idea, i’d love to do this in my house.
-the photo frames arrangement is not good, play with it.

but overall, looks good.

I believe he meant latest render :slight_smile: Overall your lighting and materials are very good- however they are also very common in the nowdays Blender community. I mean, if you want to separate yourself from the rest of the Architecture Academy students, (don’t know if you went or not, but seriously, we’re all students of Andrew’s art), then you’re gonna really need to pump this scene up. I’m talkin like a huge amount of detail! You’ve got the color and lighting for the scene done, now you just have to fill it up! Good luck and good work.

Oh!! Sorry! i meant “latest”. Hahahaha. English is not my native language. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you, bat3a. Yes, i’m not sure about photo frames, I’ll see what I do with them.

Hey @bossestrenders!. You are right, probably my render looks common, i’ll try to fill the scene and then see what happens. Thank you very much!

Hi mate,
About your question concerning the plant, try differenting leaves of the ivy. You made the ivy with an ivy gen I guess, and that’s cool, you can achieve nice effects with it. But you have to remember, that in nature every leave is different. Not necessarily that applies to CG, but in your render, it seems, that every leave is exactly the same in every aspect, apart from the size. Try differenting their colour, and overall shape.
Besides that, as other guys mentioned above.
Good work, so keep it up!

I wasnt implying that it looks like a lot of other renders… well it does… i was meaning it more from an architectural point of view… I have done 100’s of commercial architecture projects… and the first thing the architects want is it not to feel empty at all… sure there is a time to have space… but if there is a floor which is bare for quite a bit of a distance, throw a rug… or a table… or something there… they will always want to see the area ‘activated’

the other thing i mentioned was grading… this is done in the compositor… where you grade the overall image to make it brighter / darker / bring out certain colours / looks… helps with the overall feel of the shot.

Hi Cherry. Actually they have also a displacement modifier. I put a random value in the hue of the texture, I’ll try to increase that randomness… Thank u! :slight_smile:

Also, there are no lights in the scene. definetly put in some downlights, whether they are real / fake / on / off is another thing but the geometry should still be there

Hi double bishop! as I said before, sorry about the “last”… I meant “latest” so of course there are a lot of thing to add yet. About the grading, did you meant to the color balance? If so, i tried various combinations but none of them looked good at all. I’ll try again later.

yes, colour balance… i just used the color balance node quickly and got this result… would look better from the actual render result rather then a 8bit compressed version, but you see the difference if you flip between them


It seems like the attachment is corrupted :confused:

I do kind of like what you did with the ivy, but a couple things that seem a little off to me are

  • It looks like there are glass sides that form the “walls” of this ivy decoration… but I wonder if you made the glass thicker if it would help the effect your going for.

-In some ways I think you should see some more leaves lower to the floor.

The other elements look very nice, It may have been mentioned, but I wonder if some type of ceiling lighting would look good.

before –
after –

“404 - File or directory not found”. Sorry if I bother you :stuck_out_tongue:

Works fine here?

anyway reuploaded them here

before –
after –

Skirting is maybe too tall and I would like to add more light.