Blender cookie cell fracture tutorial results

so, i thought i would share my results from the cg cookie shattering a cup tutorial. i noticed a couple of issues after rendering that wern’t obvious during the setting up but over all it hasnt turned out too horrendously bad! one mistake i made was i forgot to set the material index for the edges of the shattered pieces so it ended up with the same matirial for the inner edges.
any way critique and advices welcome as always :).

Mighty strong sugar cube, or mighty weak cup…

Too much cream I like coffee black. I did not know you could make fluid do that.

yes, the tutorial at blender cookie has an indepth look at the fluid sim, as well as using the cell fracture tool and the game engine to create the effect

I say mighty weak cup. I’m surprised that it didn’t break after the first drop.

yeah, one of the hazards of buying cheap china