Blender Cookie citezenship

I’m a noob in blender but I’m getting better.
I’m constantly doing tutorials but recently I have the problem that I don’t find the tutorials I want.
I know that there are a lot on cgcookie for both my blender and concept art work.
But they are for citizen.
So now I’m thinking of getting Citizenship on CGCookie.
But I wonder if it’s worth it and what are all the things you get from citizenship.

So it would be awesome if any of you could help me out on this.

It is definitely worth getting citizen. Before you get citizen membership you should be familiar with the controls and interface first.
I learnt a whole lot of things from being a citizen on cgcookie.
I want to be an animator. But, there aren’t many blender animation tutorials out there that are free.

Citizenship gives you, pretty much, free roam over the cgcookie site. You can watch exclusive content on Concept Cookie, Max Cookie, all of the cookies :slight_smile:

Here is what you get:

  • Exclusive courses and lessons - hundreds of hours of premium content!
  • Download HD videos and source files for each lesson
  • Premium resources designed to boost your workflow
  • Discounts on every workshop and store purchase

I would definitely think about what you want to be first so you have a basic idea of what tutorials you’re going to need to improve that area of profession:

  • Generalist? (meaning)
  • Animator?
  • Modeler?
  • etc…

Good Luck. Hope you do well!