Blender Cookie Pen

First real Blender project. Rendered in Cycles.


Looks pretty darned good.

Very, very good. I can’t find a word of criticism. Metal is right, rubber grip is dead on, logo application is accurate, you rendered using enough samples. Overall a fantastic job - it can be a bold step to do something so familiar, because we will all recognize the differences.


Really nice work!

Thank you much everyone. I appreciate your comments.

Looks very cool. Great job !

Thinking of animation when 100 of those are falling down from sky…

Looks like it would work, I would push that cartridge a bit in

It looks really good! Did you use enviroment-map as reflection or HDRI image? Or how you made that nice reflection?

HDRI and two light panels.

Thank you everyone! :slight_smile:

This pen is flawless! :wink: