Blender Cookie: Tip: Using the Cast Modifier

In this quick Blender 2.5 tip video we show you how to use the Cast Modifier. This modifier is not used much but in the right situations can be very useful.


what is that "feedproxy(dot)google(dot)com"address that then sends you to a tutorial?
why don’t you just put up a direct link to the Blendercookie(dot)com webpage?
Like this:

any add-ware crud that needs to be sneaky, convoluted, and hidden to get used needs to be outlawed, (whether the post above’s particular misdirection is that sort of thing or not).

[edit]; sorry, add-ware assaults are make’n me cranky. I’m just snapping at anything that looks like it might be that sort of thing.

@Dan158 - Sorry bout that… it is definitely not intentional as we cannot stand that as well. Seems to be an issue with our RSS feed. Posts here in the tutorial section with the site name before the title are RSS auto-fed in.

Going to disable the feed for the time being until we can clean it up a bit. Would prefer it links directly to the tut.