Blender cookies boxe

Made with Blender 2.56
No post-processing.

Edit 29 dec 2011 : now published on blenderswap.

What fun! Excellent work.

Cool idea :slight_smile:

Hahaha! Awesome job! You should sell this concept to Jonathan Williamson and team at blendercookie :). A barcode on the side of the box and maybe ingredients will be really cool.

:stuck_out_tongue: Yum yum! :stuck_out_tongue:

These are cookies I would buy to help support the Blender Foundation. Of course like Girl Scout cookies, they would be made from real Blender Artists :slight_smile:

Nice work on the modeling and rendering.

LOL! I love the idea and its execution! I agree that barcode and ingredients would add that special something!

Now published on blenderswap.


Classic stuff… love the embossed Suzanne on the lid too!