Blender Cookies Halloween contest

'llo everybody, this is my entry for the Blender cookie’s Halloween contest. I’ve decided to make a scene of Frankenstein. But everybody knows the creature. And I’ve thought that it would be interesting to make a scene with the doc and his devoted servant Igor.

I haven’t much time at this moment to make the Blend, but pieces by pieces, I hope it will be finished before the end of the contest.

This is my concept arts.

and the sculpture of Igor next to the retopo in progress

Igor in Progress

And I’ve started to work on clouds for the background, this evening, because I’m fed of working on characters.

Finally, I’ve decided to make a mill instead of the mansion, it will remind the end of the movie. (and to be honnest, it will take me less time :wink: )

Herr Doctor

some funny bugs

The background with the clouds which took me one day rendering on Blender Inernal.

and the finished result. with some details still unsatisfactory but it is the rules.

Very good! Out of interest, what made you use a windmill instead of the mansion?

:edit: just saw that you mentioned that :slight_smile:

Very nice :slight_smile: Characters are really cool. I like colors, tones. Nice. Maybe final composition is too central? Overall it’s very nice picture but in my opinion as a scene it’s lack of strong composition points and depth of field maybe :slight_smile: Just my thought.

I had similar thoughts about composition. If it were my picture (which it’s not, since I am new to blender and could barely model a leaf) I would try moving the grave scene to the left (+ angle grave to the right instead), nudge the wheel barrow to the left, and perhaps add a path in the distance which appears to lead up to the mill. It already tells a story, but it would lead the eyes across the picture then, from grave, to barrow, to path going up to the mill - making the story behind the picture a focal point.

Also, I’m terrible with artistic license, so I tend to think silly things like “are the clothes appropriate” haha. In this case, they don’t appear to be suitable dressed! At least, they don’t appear to be wet from the torrential rain, so that is a small barrier to believability for me. I should note that I understand that stylised design does not necessarily aim for realism - I see believability as slightly different. I can still believe that a fantasy image could possible exist as, albeit in an artistic stylised form, hence why I don’t usually break all the laws of physics in art even when it is not intended to be realistic (e.g. we generally include gravity, relatively natural lighting etc).

I’m agree with you, but my computer has a small GT640M, and honestly, it took me many hours of rendering at the end of the time, and I had to make some sacrifices. For example, I have separated the three plans, (the clouds, the backgrounds, and the first plan) and I have also separated them in many parts, because my computer always crashed during the render time.

For give you an other example, I had to give up the glasses reflexion, (I wanted to make them like the pumpkin lights). But your right for depth of field, at least, I should have to blur the tombs in first plan.