Blender Corrupted!? Can't rotate or scale

Hey- I made a new scene and now I can’t scale or rotate any objects at all… When I press R or S as usual the numbers change as though to show the scale factor as usual, but the object doesn’t change…

Is there something that I can switch on to fix this? I really really hope blender didn’t just corrupt my file because I’ve worked really hard on it and I’d have to start over if this is now corrupted :frowning:

Thanks for the help!

Maybe try appending your objects into a new file? Just a guess.

Now when you say you made a new scene … how did you append the objects into the new scene ? Are they full copies or are they linked objects or are only the object data linked … or did you create and empty scene and append them using Shift F4 ?

Maybe you should look at the Outliner and see if your new scene has constraints etc. that is keeping you from rotating/scaling your objects … Or Shift F4 and browse the data directory to see how many users the objects have …

… Or post the blend so someone can figure out why you can’t transform your objects … I don’t think you are giving us enough information to help you …

Or you may have turned on Move Object Centers Only. Sorry don’t have Blender here, can’t capture the button.

I would guess you are trying to select an object that’s in a different scene. Try going to the scene it’s in and selecting it. Then you can link it to the other scene with ctrl L ( i think ctr L , ? someone correct me if i’m wrong )