Blender course

At this high school that I go to, they are considering starting a blender course. I am currently the only who knows 3d modeling at that school, so they are asking my help. I couldn’t think of what would go into this course, and thought maybe I could get some help here. What would be good to teach in a 1 semester (or less) high school course on blender?


i think this link is the best way to start…

my modest opinion

At that level the course should put the accent on 3D, not Blender. Use the program but don’t dwell into the specificS of it, especially its interface. They’ll react to it but secure them from the start by showing them the space bar menu, where the preferences are and other common newcomer queries. If you have them animating just a few primitives the first day they’ll be hooked and motivated.
Use as much pre-made stuff as you can. Have them model and rig a couple of very simple characters for them, use the material library recently announced on Blendernation at first. That will let you concentrate on the ideas, the concepts and they will see something fun instead of having miles of dry theory ahead.

Just my opinion about how I would have liked to have been initiated.

Thanks guys

Actually, the course might not be entirely Blender based. It’s more of a multimedia course, but they wanted some 3D program to use, and they didn’t want to spend money on other programs like Maya, 3DsMax, or Lightwave. That’s why they want to use Blender instead.

~well, blender is a good tool(i use it in a semi-professional envroment)

you can allways start with the classical stretch and squach jumping ball :slight_smile:
(it was one of the first maya tutorials :slight_smile: )

Depending on how many hours they’ll intend to spend on 3D you may have to rely on even more ready made teaching material.
To cover the whole multimedia field in one semester at highschool level…