Blender Courses In Liverpool UK


Newer Tools @ FACT in Liverpool are running Blender, Sketch Up, After effects, Motion, GIMP and Art of Illusion courses.

Contact Claudia for more details: [email protected]

Blender one day workshop
8th October

  • Navigating the Blender interface
  • Construct simple 3d objects
  • Add textures, materials and lights to make your objects look real.
  • More complex modeling techniques
  • Animate the model and camera to make a movie to be rendered over lunch.
  • Lunch
  • Learn how to import python scripts to make specialised forms such as cogs.
  • More complex animation.
  • Introduction to the Blender Game engine.

Blender Interactive: try out your creative tinkering skills with this hands on and desktop Programming workshop. Which will include using interactive design interface of Blender. Create interactions between your Blender 3d images and interactive sensors and controls.

Blender Interactive two day workshop
14th & 15th January

Day 1

  • Navigating the Blender interface
  • Construct simple 3d objects
  • Use blender’s game engine to make object behave with real world physics, including gravity force and collision
  • Use the Blender’s logic blocks to trigger events as the result of other events
  • Construct a simple game

Day 2

  • Extend the game engine with the simple programing lanuage Python
  • Use Python to send messages to and from other applications
  • Use a USB interface to send sensors information to the computer Arduino/MUIO
  • Use light, distance and other sensors to interact with the game engine



Interesting and quite local to me

how much are the courses?