Blender crash after rendering

I am new to blender and was hoping to find some help here.
Every time I render my animation after its 96-96% done Blender unexpectedly crashes, how can I fix that or is there a way I am supposed to be rendering that I am not?

For help we need more information, error message or log.
Try if render in a low resolution works, that cuts down the error search.

There is no error message, Blender just crashes and closes.

How much RAM do you have? It’s possible that you’re simply running out of RAM - just closing is Blenders usual response when this is the case.

Also, are you rendering your animation in still frames, or directly as an AVI? If you’re doing the latter, then you should render in still frames, so that if it crashes in the future, you don’t have to render the whole thing all over again, and you can simply start the render from where you left off.

I have a 16GB RAM. This is my first time using Blender could you please explain me how I could render in still frames?