Blender crash! argh!

Hi all,

I have a problem, I’m experimenting with global illumination at the moment, and I have a complex scene which I thought I might try and illuminate. Following along with the official NaN tutorial I collect the meshes, press go, everything looks normal and beautiful… I let it run and when it finishes they say to press ‘replace meshes’ and then ‘free radio data’… or the other way around.

I did it correctly but Blender then crashed on me when I pressed the first button… I have a rather large and complex scene, with a church and a person and stuff, would that be the problem? I only have 64 megs of RAM as well, mabye it doesn’t have enough memory?
Has anyone experienced this before?


First of all get the latest drivers for your vid-card. If the problem encounters again, tell us.

this doesn’t sound like a videocard bug though,

which version of Blender are you trying this with?

they say to press ‘replace meshes’ and then ‘free radio data’…

You could try “Add new meshes” and “free radio data”.

That way, you also keep the original mesh, so you can rerun the calculations if you want.


In my own experience, Blender crashes very often when vertices are a little too much for your memory (and I have 128MB :slight_smile: ).
How many vertices have your scene ?

I am using 2.20 and i have a large amount of vertices, I’m not at home now so I can’t give you the exact number but it’s quite large. I’m getting a new computer soon with 512MB ram and I’ll try it on that, see how it goes.

another thing: can I split up my scene into different parts and then globally illuminate them, or doesn’t it work like that? i read somewhere that I would have to recompute the solution if I moved a small thing.

thanks guys for your help


oh btw, I tried the buttons the wrong way around and it discarded the new lighting info, just replaced the original meshes with the original meshes. no change at all ;(